MUIC residents visited the office of "Newmax Technologies"

The place of the third meeting of MUIC residents in the framework of the networking project "Visiting the Resident" was the office of “Newmax Technologies”. Its co-founder Akmal Paiziev told the participants about how the working process works, what the team is working on now and why there is no place for technology companies in the local market.


LLC "Newmax Technologies" appeared on the business map of Uzbekistan in 2006. Now it is a holding company, on account of which four working projects: GPS-monitoring system of MaxTrack transport, system of accounting of working hours of Workly staff, application for ordering a taxi MyTaxi and food delivery service Express 24. The first two are focused on the b2b segment and are in demand in the foreign market.


  • MaxTrack is a GPS vehicle monitoring system that was developed 12 years ago. Today it is used by more than 700 corporate clients. The total number of vehicles with installed GPS-trackers is 7000.


  • Workly is a personnel working time accounting system. The product has evolved from a biometric card reader to a tablet-based software solution. It is used by small businesses and large companies with a staff of several thousand employees (for example, factory "UZTEX", supermarket chain "" and coffee shop "Safia"). The office operating in the United States is responsible for promotion in the international market. Among the main competitors - Czech TMetric, American TopTracker, Russian Crocotime and "Tendo".


  • MyTaxi is a taxi app that was launched in January 2015. An interesting fact is connected with it in the Newmax portfolio - a private company became the first in Uzbekistan to obtain a license for cartographic activities. For the application, the team has created its own navigation maps, as well as software that allows you to digitize signs and road labels. The experience of Newmax in the development of navigation system in Baku was later used by SINAM.


  • Express 24 is a food delivery service. It appeared in early 2017.


Support to existing projects and work on a new company "Newmax Technologies" carry out of two offices. One of them – with open terraces, huge windows and PlayStation - was built specifically for the comfort of the developers. There are 30 of them in the staff, and this is a third of the whole team (Newmax has 105 employees).  Interesting fact: most of the developers have been working in the company for 8-10 years.


- How are we holding them? – asks the co-founder of "Newmax Technologies" Akmal Paiziev. – There are only two ways: competitive salary and interesting projects. And the second is much more important. People are ready to go to companies that pay less, but put in front of employees complex tasks. There are not many such employers in the local market. Our products are in demand, they are used by the population, so it is interesting to work on them.


Habitat developers style reminiscent of the Google office. Similar working conditions.


- In the Development Department we use agile methodology. There is no strict schedule – the result is more important for us. I find it difficult to describe the style of leadership, but it's not exactly bossy style. We have groups, each with its own objectives and teamleads that consolidate employees and direct, but not lead, - says Akmal Paiziev.


Residents also visited the first office of Newmax, where the call center and the Marketing Department of Express 24, as well as the Department for training and reception of drivers of MyTaxi are located. We learned about how the order process is set up in applications, how automated it is and what difficulties the company faces in the market (including monetization).


According to the co-founder of Newmax, the most urgent problem today is weak logistics. To resolve related issues with the right technologies for the development and implementation which in turn requires investments. On their own income is not necessary to count – Express 24, for example, despite the large marketing costs, has not yet made a profit. 


The company intends to bring the project to the regional market. Scaling will provide it with the necessary growth and profitability – according to the forecast, the volume of the delivery market in Central Asia by 2020 will reach 720 million dollars (90 million orders).


A frank discussion about the prospects of the IT sector, which began during the meeting, revealed two reasons that hinder the development of business. The first is the low (relative to other countries) standard of living and income of the population. The less people earn, the worse the quality of services they can afford, and the more likely the market will collapse. The second is expensive Internet and mobile communication, as a consequence of the state monopoly. Entrepreneurs are confident that the rejection of it will allow business to develop faster and truly reveal the potential of reforms.


At the end of the meeting, the participants exchanged contacts and expressed their readiness to support each other. 


Photo By Askar Yakubov.