What documents are needed?

For registration as residents of the Innovation Center, legal entities provide the following documents:

  1. Statement;
  2. Copy of the charter or other constituent document;
  3. A copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity. If a certificate of the state registration of a legal entity specifies the type of activity of the OKEC that is not specified in (6) (a) of the Provision, the legal entity shall provide a letter of guarantee with its obligations to carry out its activities solely by the types of activities specified in subparagraph (a) Clause 6) of the Regulation, and voluntary change of the code of OKED in the order established by the legislation;
  4. Business plan of the legal entity that corresponds to the types of activity.

All documents must be signed by the head and stamped.

When submitting an application via an e-mail or the website, please provide the documents in PDF format.